QP: John calls on the Conservative government to supprt Obama's climate change initiatives


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QP: John grills Environment Minister on rising sea levels


Click above to read John's Question Period question to the Minister of Environment on rising sea levels due to climate change.

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Statement supporting Canadian Psychiatric Association Day on the Hill


John McKay makes a statement in the House on the Canadian Psychiatric Association Day on the Hill supporting their efforts to raise awareness about mental health issues and call for more support for those suffering mental illness.

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Premier of Saskatchewan calls for GHG regulations from Tories


Click above to read John's question to the Minister of the Environment about Premier of Saskatchewan Brad Wall calling for regulations to reduce GHG emissions to combat climate change.

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John McKay Urges Protection for Auto Industry in Ontario


Today in Question Period John McKay urged the government to ensure auto manufacturers in Ontario, who employ 93,000 workers, will be protected and get a fair deal as the Canadian government negotiates a free trade deal with South Korea.

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John Questions Tories on Failure to Reduce GHG Emissions


Click above to read John's question in Question Period on the Conservative government's failure to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions, cauing U.S. President Obama to hesitate on the approval of the Keystone XL pipeline.

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John McKay named Liberal Environment Critic


On Wednesday, August 22, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau named John McKay the Liberal Party Critic for the Environment. Tell us what you think the Liberal Party's priorities on the environment should be! Send your thoughts and ideas to john.mckay@parl.gc.ca. Click above to read the press release from Justin Trudeau.

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Liberals raise concerns about handling of Delisle spy case – call for improved Parliamentary oversight


Liberal Public Safety Critic Francis Scarpaleggia M.P., Defence Critics Senator Roméo Dallaire and John McKay M.P., and Foreign Affairs Critic Bob Rae today voiced their deep concern about the Delisle spy case after media reports recounted the frustration of the FBI over the handling of the case by Canadian officials. Click above to read more.

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Bob Rae calls on Prime Minister to invite Commonwealth to Canada, boycott Rajapaksa government


Speaking in the House of Commons on Wednesday, April 24, 2013, Liberal Foreign Affairs critic Bob Rae called on the Conservatives to take serious action against human rights violations in Sri Lanka.

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John takes Defence Minister to task over soldiers danger pay cuts


John McKay took the Defence Minister to task in question period over the Conservative proposal to cut soldiers danger pay which they receive for their hard work while in Afghanistan.

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John McKay questions Tories on Defence Mismanagement


Click above to read John McKay's question to the Minister of Defence in Question Period on mismanagement of the Department of Defence.

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John McKay praises outgoing Parliamentary Budget Officer


Click above to read John McKay's statement in the House of Commons praising outgoing Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page who has exposed numerous examples of Conservative fiscal mismanagement.

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John McKay on the Liberal Party's Prudent Stewardship of the Economy and National Finances


Click above to listen to John's speech in the House of Commons on the Liberal Party's history of running balanced budgets while growing the economy and creating jobs.

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OAS Petition


During the federal election, Stephen Harper said, “We’ve been very clear. We’re not going to cut the rate of increase in transfers for healthcare, education and pensions. That is job number one.” Now the Conservatives are cutting OAS. Click above to print the petition to tell the Conservatives to reverse the cuts. Petitions with 25 signatures or more will be submitted to the House of Commons.

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John McKay on Income Inequality


Click above to read John McKay's speech supporting Liberal Finance Critic Scott Brison's motion calling on Parliament to tackle the issue of growing income inequality in Canada.

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