John's Recent Events in Scarborough-Guildwood


John McKay, M.P. is the Member of Parliament for the electoral district of Scarborough-Guildwood, Ontario. This constituency is very diverse and multicultural as seen by the varied community focused events that John participates in across the constituency.

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A plan for growth and prosperity


On November 14, 2005, Minister of Finance Ralph Goodale tabled the Liberal government’s Economic and Fiscal Update - a new plan to promote job creation, stimulate research and development and boost Canada’s investment climate

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UTCS International Development Studies Program Prepares Young People for Service


Six University of Toronto (Scarborough) students have taken to heart what it means to be a global citizen.

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Governments of Canada and Ontario sign new Federal-Provincial labour agreement


The federal government has signed two new agreements with the Ontario government: the Canada-Ontario Labour Market Partnership Agreement and the Canada-Ontario Labour Market Development Agreement.

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Governments of Canada and Ontario sign new Federal-Provincial immigration Agreement


The Government of Canada and the Province of Ontario recently signed the Canada-Ontario Immigration Agreement. This is the first comprehensive immigration agreement between Ontario and Canada.

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Choosing members of parliament to represent you Information about your right to vote


If you are a Canadian citizen, and will be eighteen years of age or older on the day of the election, you are entitled to vote.

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The unanticipated surplus act - meeting the priorities of all Canadians


Canadians want their government to spend taxpayer dollars in a balanced way that addresses our national priorities and obligations. To ensure that this happens, the Liberal government has introduced the Unanticipated Surplus Act, which will split future surplus revenues equally among personal income tax cuts, social spending, and debt reduction.

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Canada has the lowest jobless rate in thirty years


According to Statistics Canada, Canada's unemployment rate fell to 6.6 per cent in October – the lowest unemployment rate in thirty years.

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Progress is being made on healthcare wait times and benchmarking


Recent media reports have suggested that the December 31, 2005, deadline for the provinces and territories to establish evidence-based benchmarks for medical wait times as outlined in the Ten Year Plan to Strengthen Health Care may not be met.

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Harnessing Canada's wind energy potential


Canada is the second largest producer of renewable energy in the industrialized world, thanks largely to hydroelectricity.

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The Government of Canada helps Canadians fight high energy prices


The Liberal government is committed to helping the most vulnerable Canadians manage high energy costs. In order to help Canadians offset higher energy prices, the government has announced a package aimed at providing relief in both the short- and long-term. It will help Canadians set the stage for a more energy-efficient future.

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The Government of Canada's response to concerns about avian influenza


Three types of influenza are currently in the news: human influenza, avian influenza and pandemic influenza

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Helping Canadians fight high energy prices


Many Canadians have expressed their concerns regarding the increasing cost of heating homes as we head into the winter months. The Government of Canada has heard these concerns, and takes them very seriously.

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The Canadian response to hurricane Katrina - A demonstration of friendship


Hurricane Katrina, on the Gulf coast of the United States, was a real test of what neighbours can and should do in an emergency. Although the Canadian response was not featured in all the television and newspaper coverage, it was substantial. As soon as Katrina struck, Prime Minister Paul Martin offered all possible assistance to our American friends.

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