The Hon. John McKay M.P. Attends WRP Neighbourhood Housing Ground Blessing Ceremony


The Hon. John McKay M.P. joins community leaders in affordable housing ground blessing ceremony (pictured from left: Peter Vanderyaht, John McKay and Mary Anne Chambers).

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John McKay welcomes new Canadians


New citizens chose to make Canada their home. Ceremony held at Scarborough Centennial centre.

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John brings message of Foreign Aid Reform to the U.S.


The Hon. John McKay, P.C., M.P, Brings Message of Foreign Aid Reform to the U.S. Parliamentarian speaks to American activists about what it takes to make aid work for the poor.

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Bill C-293 Receives Royal Assent


John witnessed the signing of his Private Member's Bill on May 29, 2008.

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Local MP's Foreign Aid Bill Close to Becoming Law


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Hon. John Mckay, M.P. Hosts Martha Hall Findlay, M.P.


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Changes a Concern to Bedard


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CIDA Must Now Tackle Poverty as Better Aid Bill Passes


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MPs Bill on Foreign Aid Set to Pass at Long Last......


May 9, 2008 Toronto Star article outlining that bulk of funding must target poverty reduction.

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Washington Trip


From April 22 - 25 John and a number of Canadian parliamentarians visited Washington, D.C.

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McKay Speaks on Tories Record of Economic Mismanagement and the Dire Consequences for Ontario


John McKay appeared on a panel discussion alongside the Conservative Party's James Moore and Thomas Mulcair of the NDP on Don Newman's 'Politics' program on CBC Newsworld on Tuesday, January 22, 2008. The panel discussed the Conservative government's mishandling of the Canadian economy, and the negative consequences its incompetence has had particularly for the crisis affecting Ontario's manufacturing sector.

Bill C-293 would force CIDA to be more accountable


As the problems that plague Canada's main agency responsible for foreign aid continue to become more widely known with the release of the Manley Report, McKay's Bill C-293 (the Better Aid Bill) is attracting greater media coverage

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McKay’s Bill Almost Through Senate


As it gets closer to becoming law, John McKay's Private member's Bill C-293 is attracting attention from local media in Scarborough

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McKay's Views on Troubled Situation in Kenya and on What Canada Can do to Help


The desperate situation currently underway in Kenya emphasizes the need for increased foreign aid to that troubled land, and for the streamlining of Canada's overseas development assistance that would take place with the passage in Parliament of McKay's private member's Bill C-293

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Conservative Senators' Opposition to Bill C-293 Drawing Widespread Public Criticism


As Conservative Senators Continue to Practice their Tactics of Delay and Diversion to Thwart Passage of McKay's Better Aid Bill, C-293, Concerned Citizens are Speaking Out to Express Support for the Bill

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