Liberal MP John McKay introduces bill to ban the bead


'Ban the Bead' Bill amends Food and Drug Act to prohibit sale of personal care products containing microplastics

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The Conservative Budget 2015 Is 500 Pages of Climate Change Denial


"It's been obvious for years that climate change is not a priority for this government, but to produce a 518 page document that is the basis for the Conservatives' next election platform and not mention the existential threat of the century is truly appalling..."

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PRESS RELEASE: John on Prime Minister Harper’s visit to Scarborough


Click above to read John's press release about the visit to Scarborough by Prime Minister Stephen Harper to announce new “tough on crime” legislation

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HuffPo: How Long Will Minister Aglukkaq Ignore the Problem of Endangered Species?


"My colleague Dr. Kirsty Duncan is not only an accomplished scientist, marathoner, writer, highland dancer and MP; it seems she may also be a prophet. Two years ago, my predecessor on the Environment file, predicted that the Harper Government would gut the Species at Risk Act (SARA)..."

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Feds pay $180K to run mining counsellor's office, with no counsellor


Liberal MP John McKay posed written House question on cost of running 'toothless, Potemkin office' CBC News | Politics

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This election should get serious about climate change--Hill Times


"Surely the starting point for appropriate enviro-economic policy is to hedge your bets by treating all regions and industries equally so that the inevitable market swings don’t derail the entire country. While it may be good for Harper’s politics to sacrifice one region’s prosperity for another, it is lousy economics and morally reprehensible..."

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What Would Warren Buffett Do With Canadian Assets?


Click above to read John's latest article that appeared Huffington Post Business entitled: "What Would Warren Buffett Do With Canadian Assets?"

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IN THE NEWS: Stephen Harper’s refusal to attend global climate summit unacceptable


Click above to read John's letter to the editor that has appeared in over 30 publications across Canada, including the Kingston Whig-Standard, the Barrie Examiner, La Presse, and more.

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A Tale of Two Parks


Why Conservation groups are fighting like the Dickens to keep Rouge Park lands out of federal hands

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Op-Ed: A Prime Minister with his head stuck in the (Oil) Sands


"Renewable Energy is the future and Harper is still betting on fossils" - Click above to read John's latest article in the Hill Times newspaper.

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Climate Change Is About To Hit Your Pocketbook... Hard


"One way or another, every one of us is about to start paying for climate change and its evil twin, extreme weather events. The Toronto Dominion Bank has compiled a list of the top 10 natural catastrophes since 2003. Cumulatively, the total cost is in excess of $6.2 Billion with the two biggest catastrophes happening last summer totalling more than $2.6 billion..." (click above to read more)

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Press Release: Liberal MP John McKay skeptical of Government “action” on extractive industry transparency


'OTTAWA – The Government of Canada announced today that it has begun consultations on “mandatory reporting standards” for the extractive industry. In February 2013, MP John McKay tabled C-474 (the “Sunshine Bill”), which is modelled on the Cardin-Lugar amendment to the Dodd-Frank Act. It came into effect in the U.S. on September 1, 2013 and will make reporting mandatory for American extractive companies doing business outside of the U.S.' (click above for more)

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Water is the New Oil


Click above to read John's piece in Embassy News Magazine on the need for Canada to implement water conservation and protection strategies to address the growing demand for Canada's fresh water resources.

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iPolitics: The sun sets on Environment Canada


Click above to read John's article in on recent devastating cuts to Environment Canada made by the Conservative government.

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"Prove your CSR chops" - Letter to the Editor on "The Sunshine Bill"


Click bove to read John's Letter to the Editor published in Embassy Magazine on his private member's bill C-474, "The Sunshine Bill" which addresses corruption in the international extractive sector.

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