"Harper Blames Canada's Climate Woes on...Wilfrid Laurier?"


Click above to read John's article published by the Huffington Post: "Harper Blames Canada's Climate Woes on...Wilfrid Laurier?"

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How Harper blew up Keystone XL


Click above to read John's latest article in iPolitics on how the Conservative government's lack of action on the environment is putting projects like the Keystone Pipeline, and Canadian jobs, in jeopardy.

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Opinion: Tories just like Keystone Cops in handling of the Delisle spy case


Click above to read John McKay's article in the Vancouver Sun, the Calgary Heral and the Montreal Gazette on the Delisle spy case.

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Liberals raise concerns about handling of Delisle spy case – call for improved Parliamentary oversight


Liberal Public Safety Critic Francis Scarpaleggia M.P., Defence Critics Senator Roméo Dallaire and John McKay M.P., and Foreign Affairs Critic Bob Rae today voiced their deep concern about the Delisle spy case after media reports recounted the frustration of the FBI over the handling of the case by Canadian officials. Click above to read more.

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Why I'm A Liberal by Bob Rae


Click above to read Bob Rae's excellent article describing why he's a Liberal and why Liberalism is important to Canada.

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Canada Needs a Real Sunshine Bill


John's Op-Ed appearing in Embassy Magazine on the Sunshine Bill

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Canada’s role in Mali: Little clarity, a lot of confusion


Click above to read John McKay's editorial in the Toronto Star about Canada's role in Mali.

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Federal actions in Mali are no way to conduct a war


Click above to read John McKay's article in Postmedia News on the Conservative government's handling of the situation in Mali.

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John McKay on CIDA: No business? Then no charity for you


Click above to read John's article in the National Post about Canada's foreign aid spending and the Conservative's new aid priority: "Poor people are out, businesses are in."

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Foreign Policy drives Defence Strategy – and Conservatives have Neither


Click above to read John's article in the latest edition of the Embassy News Magazine's Defence Policy Briefing issue.

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Esprit de Corps Magazine: Time for a National Dialogue on Mental Health


Read John's article on the importance of tackling the issue of mental illness in Esprit de Corps military magazine.

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Contributing to Global Security and Justice – Canada’s Role in the World Post-Afghanistan


Click above to read John McKay's article in the Conference of Defence Associations Magazine Volume 17, Number 2 on the future of the Canadian Forces.

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If we silence dissent we silence democracy


Click above to read John McKay's latest op-ed in iPolitics.ca on the Conservative government's attempts to silence its critics.

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Liberal Defence Critic John McKay tours UBC’s Veterans Transition Program


VANCOUVER – On Wednesday, September 12, 2012 Hon. John McKay P.C., M.P., Liberal Critic for Defence, toured the Veterans Transition Program at the University of British Columbia. The program specializes in supporting soldiers and veterans experiencing operational stress injuries (OSIs) such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

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iPolitics Op-Ed on Faith & Politics


Click above to read John's response to the Globe & Mail's Lawrence Martin on the topic of faith and politics in Canada entitled "Harper’s ideology has little to do with his faith"; published in iPolitics on August 16, 2012

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