John McKay talks mining concerns on CBC's The National


A mining watchdog agency that was supposed to hold Canadian companies accountable for their actions overseas has done little to protect communities abroad, critics say.

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"Mining for human rights in Latin America"


Embassy Magazine Editor Jim Creskey praises John McKay's efforts to improve Canada's reputation by advocating for improved human rights in the mining industry with his "Responsible Mining Bill." Click above to read the article

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Statement by the Liberal Party on the sad passing of Jack Layton


Click above to read Liberal Party Leader Bob Rae's statement on the passing of Parliamentarian Jack Layton.

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John McKay MP Statement on the Guildwood VIA Train Station


Click above to read John McKay's statment on the VIA service at Guildwood Sation and letter to VIA officials. Officials confirm that no services will be affected at this time.

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Helping the People of Japan


Click above to find links to Scarborough's Momiji Health Care Society on how you can help the people of Japan after the tragic earthquake that occured on March 11, 2011

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For Canadian companies overseas, a corporate heart of darkness


Click above to read the Globe and Mail article by Marcus Gee on the Canadian extractive industry abroad featuring John McKay. "When told that The Globe is doing a piece on the laws governing misbehaviour by Canadian companies in foreign countries, John McKay laughs. “That’ll be a short article,” he says. “There aren’t any...”

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Faith leaders and politics: How close is too close?


Click above to read this article in Christian Week by Mags Storey featuring John McKay on the issue of faith and politics.

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The Oda Affair


Click above to watch John McKay on CTV this past Sunday, February 20th, 2011 discussing the issues surrounding the Minister of International Cooperation's decision to cut funding to the respected faith-based development group KAIROS.

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Letter to the Editor Re: “Clamping Down After KAIROS” – Embassy Newspaper, January 19, 2011


Click above to read John McKay's letter to the editor of Embassy Newspaper after reports that the Conservative government would "clamping down" on access to information requests in relation to KAIROS and the Canadian Council for International Cooperation.

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Statement by the Liberal Party of Canada on events in Egypt


OTTAWA – Click above to read Leader of the Opposistion Michael Ignatieff's statement on recent developments in Egypt (Updated February 3rd, 2011, 5:27pm)

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John McKay Defends Catholic Bishops from Conservative Attacks


Click above to read John McKay's editorial in the Catholic Register defending the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops after they were attacked by the Minister of Immigration, Jason Kenney, for speaking out against Bill C-49.

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Evidence comes to light that CIDA Minister mislead the House of Commons


Click above to find news articles and questions by John McKay MP & fellow Liberal MP Frank Valeriote (Guelph) in question period over allegations raised against the Minister of International Cooperation that she mislead the House regarding the cuts to the faith-based NGO KAIROS' funding.

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John Mckay's Christmas Message


Watch John's Christmas Message

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Federal cuts coming, but details still uncertain


Government not being honest with Canadians on how it plans to dig itself out of its record deficit says John McKay and Kevin Page, Parliamentary Budget Officer, in the Edmonton Journal.

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Globe & Mail Memorial for Mining Activist


Click above to read the In Memoriam in the November 27, 2010 edition of the Globe & Mail newspaper for Mariano Abarca Roblero, a mining activist who was killed in Mexico in 2009.

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