McKay's Rebuttal to Senator Segal's Criticisms of Bill C-293


John McKay, MP for Scarborough-Guildwood, Sets Out to Correct the Spurious Assertions Regarding McKay's Foreign Aid Private Member's Bill C-293 Made by Conservative Senator Hugh Segal in His Speech in the Senate last December

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Fiddling with foreign aid


Tories' Pettiness Stalling Bill C-293 in the Senate

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McKay's Foreign Aid Bill (C-293) Would Clean Up Canada's Dirty Development Accounting Practices


Lt.-Gen. Roméo Dallaire is a Liberal senator and is sponsoring Bill C-293 in the Senate. In the Following opinion column, Senator Dallaire gets straight to the point on why the Senate cannot allow another opportunity to clean up Canada's foriegn aid mess to pass.

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$7.7 Million Foreign Aid Cheque to the 'Celtic Tiger' Underscores Importance of Passing Bill C-293


The Republic of Ireland is fast becoming an economic powerhouse, yet the Department of Foreign Affairs still sees Ireland as a worthy recipient of $7.7 million worth of Canadian taxpayers money. It is this sort of unfocused aid that John McKay's Bill C-293 would correct.

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John McKay sponsors Private Members’ Bill C-293


An Act respecting the provision of development assistance abroad. Here you will find a timeline of the bill as well as useful background documents. UPDATE: Bill is in the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee

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Bill C-293 Senate Debate


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McKay Challenges Government to Support the Global Malaria Drug Subsidy


Over one million children alone die of malaria each year. A city the size or Ottawa dies annually. This is an enormous loss of human potential and I urge the government to support the global malaria drug subsidy. It is simple and it is cost effective.

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Bill C-293 Passed by an Overwhelming Majority


The bill has enjoyed enormous public support from Canadian MPs, development organizations and concerned individuals. The week prior to the vote, over ten thousand petitions collected from across the country were presented in the House in support of the bill.

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Poverty Reduction Bill Receives Widespread Support in the House of Commons


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Canada an `appalling laggard’ as Tories shun foreign aid bill: NDP


The Conservative government says it won’t honour a private member’s bill expected to pass the Commons this week that would refocus and better track billions of dollars in foreign aid.

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3rd Reading Bill C-293


Pursuant to Standing Order 98 the recorded divisions are deferred until Wednesday, March 28 just before the time provided for private members' business.

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Key NGO Websites


Here you will find a number of NGOs that may be of interest

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Development Assistance Accountability Act Bill C-293 3rd Reading


"This bill has become personal to me because of my trip to Kenya with my colleagues in the House. I can still see the faces of the people who will be affected if this legislation passes." Hon. John McKay, M.P.

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One World: Seeking Justice Through Faith and Policy


John McKay speaks on Bill C-293 at the MCC Conference in Ottawa.

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The Face of Poverty


In January, Liberal MP Michael Savage, NDP MP Alexa McDonough, Conservative MP Bill Casey, and I travelled to Kenya with Results Canada, a national non-profit group that aims to coordinate concerned individuals to fight poverty, debilitating diseases and social inequalities.

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