IN THE NEWS: Stephen Harper’s refusal to attend global climate summit unacceptable


Click above to read John's letter to the editor that has appeared in over 30 publications across Canada, including the Kingston Whig-Standard, the Barrie Examiner, La Presse, and more.

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QP: John Questions Tories on Why PM Won't Attend the 2014 UN Climate Summit


Click above to read John's recent question on why Prime Minister Stephen Harper refused to attend the 2014 United Nationa Climate Summit in New York City on September 23rd.

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A Tale of Two Parks


Why Conservation groups are fighting like the Dickens to keep Rouge Park lands out of federal hands

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Op-Ed: A Prime Minister with his head stuck in the (Oil) Sands


"Renewable Energy is the future and Harper is still betting on fossils" - Click above to read John's latest article in the Hill Times newspaper.

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QP: John calls on the Conservative government to supprt Obama's climate change initiatives


Click above to read

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John urges Tories to follow Obama's lead on climate change


John questions the Conservative government on why they haven't joined President Obama in implementing tough regulations to deal with climate change.

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Stephen Harper and the Climate Change Chamber of Secrets


"Recently, I watched a Harry Potter movie with my grandsons, Nolan and Quinn. Lord Voldemort, the archenemy in this wildly successful book and film series, is referred to by a number of ominous monikers, the worst being 'He Who Must Not Be Named.' The Harper government has taken that moniker to heart when it comes to its archenemy; the subject of climate change. This phrase will never pass the lips of the Prime Minister, his Environment Minister, or any other member of his caucus." (...)

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QP: John grills Environment Minister on rising sea levels


Click above to read John's Question Period question to the Minister of Environment on rising sea levels due to climate change.

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Climate Change Is About To Hit Your Pocketbook... Hard


"One way or another, every one of us is about to start paying for climate change and its evil twin, extreme weather events. The Toronto Dominion Bank has compiled a list of the top 10 natural catastrophes since 2003. Cumulatively, the total cost is in excess of $6.2 Billion with the two biggest catastrophes happening last summer totalling more than $2.6 billion..." (click above to read more)

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Water is the New Oil


Click above to read John's piece in Embassy News Magazine on the need for Canada to implement water conservation and protection strategies to address the growing demand for Canada's fresh water resources.

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iPolitics: The sun sets on Environment Canada


Click above to read John's article in on recent devastating cuts to Environment Canada made by the Conservative government.

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Premier of Saskatchewan calls for GHG regulations from Tories


Click above to read John's question to the Minister of the Environment about Premier of Saskatchewan Brad Wall calling for regulations to reduce GHG emissions to combat climate change.

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Climate change and tax cut sucker-bait


Click above to read John McKay's latest article in iPolitics on the Conservative government's lack of action on climate change - and how taxpayers will end up on the hook for the bill.

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John Questions Tories on Failure to Reduce GHG Emissions


Click above to read John's question in Question Period on the Conservative government's failure to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions, cauing U.S. President Obama to hesitate on the approval of the Keystone XL pipeline.

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Harper "Couldn't Care Less" About the Environment


Click above to read John's latest piece published in the Huffington Post.

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