Letter to the Editor Re: “Clamping Down After KAIROS” – Embassy Newspaper, January 19, 2011


Letter to the Editor Re: “Clamping Down After KAIROS” – Embassy Newspaper, January 19, 2011

I read with interest Embassy Newspaper’s editorial on CCIC and the government’s new policy on clamping down on information obtained through ATIP requests after the Minister of International Cooperation was accused by myself and my colleagues of misleading the House of Commons and Canadians. I must say however, I have changed my mind on this matter and now side with the government for the following reasons.

Canadians don’t need to know what their government is up to, after all it’s really none of our business. Democracy is nice in theory, but if the government is not given free rein to do what it wants without question, how can it impose the policies that a majority of Canadians disagree with?

Furthermore, if NGOs like the CCIC and KAIROS start pointing out uncomfortable facts about government policy then Canadians might begin to think about changing governments, and as the Prime Minister has told us, holding pesky things like elections will cause the sky to fall and spell disaster for our nation.

Finally, if the press and the public were to find out what the government does with our money, they might discover mistakes, or worse, unethical behaviour or abuses of power. Personally, I don’t want to know because frankly there are too many other things to worry about like whether the Leafs will make the playoffs.

So what if Canada’s access to information regime is grossly inadequate, undemocratic and the current government is one of the most secretive in history. As stated above, what the government does with my and other Canadians tax dollars is none of my concern.

In all seriousness, most readers will recognize that the above is meant to be sardonic and ironical. Sadly, the one person I expect this will be lost on is the Prime Minister.

Hon. John McKay P.C., M.P.