John McKay takes the Tories to task on F-35s


Official Hansard Transcript:

Hon. John McKay (Scarborough—Guildwood, Liberal):

Mr. Speaker, for months now the government has been saying that the price per plane for the F-35s is $75 million.

In light of statements made yesterday, the cost must have gone up to at least $125 million per plane.

This leaves less than $1 billion for engines, spare parts, training, maintenance, initial suite of weapons and everything else.

The numbers just do not add up.

In light of these new figures, would the Minister of National Defence now agree that the Parliamentary Budget Officer and the Congressional Budget Officer were right all along?

Hon. Julian Fantino (Associate Minister of National Defence, Conservative):

Mr. Speaker, Canada needs military aircraft in order to protect our sovereignty. The current CF-18s must be replaced. We have budgeted $9 billion to purchase F-35s.

Let me be clear. In the last election, Canadians gave our government a strong mandate to ensure that the brave men and women of
Canadian armed forces have the tools they need to do their job and come home safe and sound at the end of their --