John takes Defence Minister to task over soldiers danger pay cuts


Speaker : Mr. McKay
Time : 22/04/2013 14:58:46
Context : Question

Hon. John McKay (Scarborough—Guildwood, Lib.): Mr. Speaker, soldiers yesterday in Afghanistan found that there is going to be a second pay cut, the second one in two weeks. Both were reversed when leaked to the media. So, new day, new screw-up and blame the bureaucrats. Instead of another day, another pay cut, another screw-up and another day of blaming the bureaucrats, will the minister stand in the House today and pledge to the soldiers that their danger pay will not be cut while they are in Afghanistan?

Hon. Peter MacKay (Minister of National Defence, CPC): Mr. Speaker, in his rambling preamble, the member has already addressed the fact that this is not happening. I find it interesting coming from this member in particular, who comes from the party that was the architect of the decade of darkness thrust upon our Canadian Forces, their families and their veterans, which gutted our military and slashed and burned our forces where they were sent to Afghanistan in force green uniforms and inadequate equipment.
For this member to stand and criticize is the height of hypocrisy.