PRESS RELEASE: John on Prime Minister Harper’s visit to Scarborough


For Immediate Release
March 4, 2015

John McKay on Prime Minister Harper’s visit to Scarborough

OTTAWA – On March 4, 2015 Prime Minister Stephen Harper visited Scarborough to announce new “tough on crime” legislation.

Said John McKay: “Always just before an election, the Prime Minister decides to visit Scarborough hoping that our community will forget that he and his government have neglected the needs of our residents and our neighbourhoods for the past four years.

“This time, instead of addressing some of Scarborough’s urgent needs like funding for job training, public transportation, infrastructure, veterans, and housing, he merely announced new measures aimed at people already behind bars.

“Those of us who live here frankly do not appreciate Mr. Harper showing up just to fan the flames of fear about crime. The Scarborough community is safe, peaceful, and one of the most diverse, community-oriented places in Canada. We do not need him showing up telling people to be afraid just to score political points.

“Furthermore, his decision to announce this legislation in Scarborough reinforces a negative stereotype about Scarborough which is insulting and unhelpful.

“As Mr. Harper conceded during questioning from the media, this legislation will affect only a small number of people already behind bars. What about the needs of the 625,000 people who live in Scarborough? The Prime Minister seems to have a paranoid fixation on criminals, even though crime rates have declined, while the rest of us get nothing but government inaction.

“Unless he plans to announce measures that actually help the people of Scarborough, I would encourage the Prime Minister to make these kinds of announcements in the proper venue: the House of Commons.”

Hon. John McKay, P.C., M.P.

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